The Cavanagh Group

Strategy: “Process Streamlining” or “Team Performance” as a means to build a long-term competitive advantage.
Need: to do more with the same or less; to keep up with increasing demand for your product or service without increasing costs/headcount in the same proportion.
Need: to reduce costs/headcount (affectionately referred to as “FTEs” [Full Time Equivalents - folks working 8 hours a day]) as demand varies.
Vision: a re-designed IT environment (processes, configuration [layout], practices, and team environment) for self-sufficient team performance.
Need: reduced costs – driven by competition, regulatory changes, industry benchmark, or management edict.


Named one of the Top 10 Books on Business Transformation & Operational Excellence!

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A Few Clients

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Delivering client results that are clocked in the “stellar” range: cost reductions of 40%, cycle-time improvements up to 80%, ROIs exceeding 10-fold


  • Cost reduction of 15%-40% in direct labor and material/external costs
  • Capacity increase without commensurate increases in cost and employee headcount
  • Cycle time reductions in order of magnitude: weeks or days to hours, days or hours to minutes, (80% reductions are common)
  • Customer satisfaction increases clocked in the “stellar” range, as well as improving reliability of the data
  • Significant error reduction and often elimination of the opportunities for errors
  • ROIs from 3:1 to more than 10:1

Our Guiding Principle: R = Q x A
Change Acceptance: based on the equation that Results are a product of the Technical Quality of the change times the Acceptance of the change (R = Q x A). Acceptance of results by all who participate in the processes is critical for lasting results and sustaining change.

Involvement leading to Acceptance: Our experience indicates that the best lasting results are achieved through a facilitative approach - helping the people that do the work every day create and implement the change. We provide the time-tested tools and design principles and an open, facilitated environment to guide their analysis and design.

Consulting, Coaching, Training, Project Execution

Grounded on the World-class principles of Operational Excellence:

    • a fact-based, data-driven philosophy of business improvement
    • with a focus on gaining support and acceptance for the solutions by including and engaging the right people

    Combining the best of the best:

      • Customer Experience
      • Lean
      • Six Sigma
      • High Performance WorkPlace
      • WorkOut / Kaizen

Thought Leaders and Author

Leading the industry in 2000 with the big picture in The Six Sigma Way, then execution details in the Team Fieldbook. Addressing the people who perform the process activities, I most recently expanded on the concepts of team and individual performance in Building Engaged Team Performance.
Building Engaged Team Performance
The Six Sigma Way
The Six Sigma Way - Team Fieldbook
What is Design for Six Sigma?