The Cavanagh Group
This work is in general, and this can be a controversial assertion, “business agnostic.” By this we mean that all businesses – no matter the industry – share a basic set of processes: sales, accounting, marketing, HR, and so on.
There is typically a central production process that delivers the products or services that the business sells. The true value – the unique differentiator – is those products or services.
Put another way, process is process, and organization is organization. They are all unique, yet they are all alike.
The reason that businesses stall and corporate initiatives fail is that – drum roll – people are people. And left to their own devices, people can be counted on to have their own agendas, to compete with each other, to collaborate poorly (or not at all), and to fail to influence effectively.
One thing you can count on: People do not magically know what they should be doing. People need guidance and context. Absent that, people just don’t get things done.

Our mission:

Help clients quickly and painlessly build sustainable processes and organization – an ecosystem, if you will.

We bring common sense (an elusive commodity in today’s market) along with Engineering fundamentals, a penchant for facts and data, and an extensive background in moving organizations and people, to deliver results.

We use proven tools that emphasize the delivery of value to the customer, overlaid with a facilitated process that enables the individuals to model working as a team. The leave-behind is the environment: the process design, the technology infrastructure, the readily available performance data, the performance goals and incentives, clear boundaries of what this group of people – this team – is and is not responsible for.

To be clear, just getting people come together and to sing “kumbaya” is not going to make them a better team. It’s not sustainable. It doesn’t stick because the work environment hasn't changed. The same old incentives, policies, and crappy processes are in place, resulting in the same poor interpersonal behaviors, and the same performance issues. They continue to behave as a group of individuals satisfying their own needs without regard or plan for the greater good of the company.

Facilitative vs. Expert Consulting

We believe that the best results are achieved through a facilitative approach - helping the people that do the work every day create the change

We provide the time-tested tools and design principles and an open, facilitated environment to guide their analysis and design

We don't presume to know the nuances of their work, hence don't attempt to drop an "Expert" solution on them

Operational Excellence

A proven deployment approach:
  • Assess: quickly determine the issues and opportunities
  • Re-Design/Improve the Processes: analyze, streamline and reduce errors
  • Design for Team Performance: build the environment for Game-Changing results
  • Sustain: implant an enduring Process-focused Management system

To deliver: RESULTS!

Here’s what you won’t experience:
We're not offering the big-box consulting encampment strategy. Frankly, life is too short – we don’t want to spend the next 18 months as an extended member of your leadership staff. However, we also don’t come, plop down a solution portfolio, and walk away. We're firm believers that people have to participate in the investigation and in the redesign of their work environment: process, goals, and incentives. They must actively participate so they understand it well enough, thus accept and own.