The Cavanagh Group
Background: Jan and I have been visiting wineries in ever-expanding concentric circles from our home in the Carneros region
(Tough duty, eh?)
Situation: A fairly busy tasting room (the bar was nearly full, and a few folks were wandering around the gift shop) in a mid-tier winery
Jan: “I felt pressured."
"It was crowded, understaffed, and stuck in the corner of a gift shop”
"An 'opportunity-rich' operation" I said to myself...

What I observed:

Guests unserved:

  • For periods long enough that they fidgeted and grumbled to one another

Staff unfocused:

  • Waiting for an available register
  • Going to the "back room" to retrieve items (leaving other patrons hanging)
  • Hurrying to finish an activity and move on
  • Rushing – sometimes harried (are they on commission?) (probably)

...and I didn’t hear any up-sell or cross-sell attempts...

Results from building an Engaged Team environment for the staff who provide the tasting and gift shop experience? Increased:

  • Retail sales
  • Wine Club enrollment
  • Customer satisfaction/Promoters
  • "Come-back" visits
  • Employee satisfaction

Typical solution domains:

Physical layout

  • Flow of guests
  • Flow of servers' work


  • Technology
  • Registers


  • Re-designed or streamlined
  • Standardized

Team Performance

  • Measurement and incentives
  • Org structure
  • Schedule
  • Training

Ask for a Process and Performance Maturity Assessment

A brief observation and measurement activity delivering a summary report:
  • “What opportunities exist? How big are they?”
  • “How do we compare to similar situations?”
  • “What could our processes and organization look like?”

   And the big one:

  • “Where do we start?”