All businesses – no matter the industry – share a basic set of processes: sales, accounting, marketing, HR, and so on. One thing you can count on throughout those processes: people do not magically know what they should be doing at all times. When people have guidance and context, they are more likely to succeed - and so is your business.

Our Advisors are prepared to help you in any of the following areas:
  • Strategy

  • Change Implementation

  • Team Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Organization Development

  • Lean/Sigma

  • Data Analytics

  • Engineering

  • Training and Instructional Design

  • Communication Strategy

Our Guiding Principle: R = Q x A

Change Acceptance: based on the equation that Results are a product of the Technical Quality of the change times the Acceptance of the change (R = Q x A). Acceptance of results by all who participate in the processes is critical for lasting results and sustaining change.

Involvement leading to Acceptance: Our experience indicates that the best lasting results are achieved through a facilitative approach – helping the people that do the work every day create and implement the change. We provide the time-tested tools and design principles and an open, facilitated environment to guide their analysis and design.

Facilitative vs. Expert Consulting

We believe that the best results are achieved through a facilitative approach, helping people that do the work every day create change. We do this by providing time-tested tools and design principles that create an open, facilitated environment to guide you and your business. Our advisors don’t presume to know the nuances of your work, which is why we don’t attempt to drop “expert” solutions on you – instead, our process encourages a more efficient, collaborative, and productive form of growth tailored to your needs.

Operational Excellence​

Here’s a quick look at our proven deployment approach:

  • Assess: quickly determine the issues and opportunities
  • Re-Design/Improve the Processes: analyze, streamline
    and automate
  • Design for Team Performance: build the environment for
    Game-Changing results
  • Sustain: implant an enduring Process-focused
    Management system

What do we deliver? RESULTS!

Here’s what you won’t experience:

We’re not offering the big-box consulting encampment strategy. Frankly, life is too short – we don’t want to spend the next 18 months as an extended member of your leadership staff. However, we also don’t come, plop down a solution portfolio, and walk away. We’re firm believers that people have to participate in the investigation and in the redesign of their work environment: process, goals, and incentives. They must actively participate so they understand it well enough, thus accept and own.